ADMISSION TO SCHOOL Admission to nursery and K.G. Classes is done in the month of January. Advance registration opens from 1st January. Prospectus can be bought from the school office. Admission will be given on first come first serve basis.AGE FOR ADMISSION Admission age for Nursery is 2 Years 6 Months on as 1st April in the year of admission. The child shall be placed in lower / upper Nursery as per age and performance. Age for K.G. is 4+ Years. Admission will be based on test and number of seats available. Each section is limited to 30 Students. REGISTRATION FEE Registration fee is 1100/- for every class. The fee structure varies from class to class. Please contact the office to enquire the fee structure according to the grade of your ward. The fee structure is determined according to the actual expenditure. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION
  1. Original school leaving certificate.
  2. Date of birth certificate.
  3. Character certificate.
  4. Health card / Medical fitness certificate.
  5. Stamp size six photographs of the child.
  6. Stamp size three photographs of mother, father and the local / legal guardian.
  7. Valid passport and residential permit in respect of foreign and N.R.I. student.
MEDICAL CARE AND HEALTH FACILITIES All the students are admitted subject to their submission of medical fitness certificate at the time of admission. Annual medical inspection is carried out by a qualified doctor. CLASS TEST AND EXAMINATION
  1. Class test : One monthly test in each subject is conducted by the concerned teacher in the class & the result is recorded in teacher’s dairy.
  2. If students participate out side the school they shall be duly rewarded for distinctive performances.
  3. Progress report & notes of teachers and Principal must be duly signed by the Parents.
  4. Each Session exams are divided in three terms.
    • 1st term : September
    • 2nd term : December
    • 3rd term : March
ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL Any absence from school must be intimated. Long leave may not be granted unless it is sanctioned beforehand. Absence for a week without intimation can lead to termination of admission. Below 90% attendance may lead to detention in the class. 100% attendance shall be rewarded. Attendance on opening and closing days before and after the vacation is compulsory. ACTIVITIES In the best tradition of Public school education, house system has been introduced. The system provides inter-house competitions. Various competitions like G.K. Quiz, Declamation, Kirtan, Poetry, Gatka, Drawing, Painting & Turban Competitions are included in the annual curricular & Sports activities are conducted. Each child is the member of a house. (a family with-in a family). THERE ARE FOUR HOUSES
  1. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji
  2. Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji
  3. Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji
  4. Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji
School also participates in many state & national level competitions every year. TERMINATION To maintain top class discipline certain rules and regulations are framed and brought to students’ notice but a student guilty of misconduct & indiscipline, harmful to the safety of others shall be expelled. Any damage of school property shall be recoverable. WITHDRAWAL OF STUDENTS 1. Parents must give the school at least three months advance notice in writing if they wish to withdraw their child. 2. The school management has the right to ask for the withdrawal of a child from the school at any time. 3. Students leaving the school on any account must take their belongings within three months of their leaving the school, after which no such claim will be entertained. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE Parents must give notice of at least one week for issuing of transfer certificate which will be issued on written request and payment of a fee of Rs. 100/-. No dues certificate from account section is required before issuing the T.C.