The school has a well-equipped department of Information & Technology with access to the internet & Smart Class. The classes of the computer are compulsory from 1st standard onwards.

The school offers many sports whichever students have the choice to play like football, volleyball, throwball, horse-riding, cricket, kho-kho, badminton, skating, martial arts, gym, and athletics. The arrangement for indoor games like carrom board, chess, ludo, video games etc. are available. For the recreation of the hostellers, a wonderful WATER PARK is available.

Trips are the integrated part of education. Therefore, minimum two trips within the country and one abroad, are arranged by the school every year at very nominal charges.

According to the choice of the wards, the school arranges special classes of Harmonium, Tabla, Recitation of Gurbani, Gurbani Santhya, Tanti Saaj, Gatka, Drawing & Painting, Poetry, Declamation, Gym etc. According to age Kirtan groups are made. Our school participates in the program of Kirtan Darbar & Nagar kirtan also from time to time.

There are well-equipped science labs. Practicals are not only carried out by board classes but the second standard onwards, which enables the students to see the practicality of the theories they are taught in the classroom.

Sufficient books have been provided for each age group for general study. Books can be issued through the class teacher. A beautiful new library has been set up. A special arrangement of Gurmat books for students of all ages has been made.