Basically a school from Nursery to Matriculation, GURSIKH ACADEMY is an institution where main stress is laid to prepare a student with Indian traditions, especially under Sikh culture. Just 9 Km. away from Patiala bus stand and railway station, situated at Rajpura Road, near the milk food factory, Bahadurgarh, the state of the art building offers a conducive atmosphere for the teaching-learning process.All the instruction are given in English medium. Well-educated teachers are given in-service training to equip them with the latest techniques so that they may become able to cope with the challenges of modern education. Special care is kept to make sure that no teacher uses sub-standard language or give physical punishment. Each teacher is a master in his or her subject. Lesson planning is given conscious efforts.The school and hostel are built in its own land having an area more than three acres. Wonderfully designed classrooms, corridors, laboratories, library, playgrounds, separate toilets for boys and girls, staff-room, and well-planned teaching aids like LCD’s, computers, internet & charts help students learn all the subjects without any extra difficulty, rather the learning process is made enjoyable.Etiquettes are the life and blood of education. For this purpose special camps are held to inculcate manners among the children. Every week an interpretation meeting is held in the Gurdwara Sahib, which is situated in the school campus, where all the students and teachers collect and one verse or a Shabad is explained, with suitable meanings and examples, so as to develop love and respect for Gurbani.From time to time healthy competition in portrait-making, card-making, paper-reading, speeches are held to make the students efficient for all-round development. In these competitions, students take part under the supervision of their respective house-charges. The winners are given trophies, mementos, cash prizes, scholarships, and certificates.Separate hostels for boys and girls are available to give unique training for life. All the students wake up at four, do their Nitnem, get ready for the classes, do their own washing and cleaning, go to ground, attend evening classes, do Rehraas Sahib and go to bed in a complete discipline. Hostel staff makes sure that every child gets food, clothes and medical care on time.Last but not least, every year a big number of students are sent in different professional colleges like medical, engineering, civil services, computer science, management etc. which is the prime need of the hour.